Aim and Scope


* To bring academics, students and practitioners in the field of aeronautics and space technologies and sub-branches of the main issues together and promote scientific publications,

* To contribute to the Academics, faculty and students with their scientific development,

* To share the knowledge of the experts in the field of Aviation and Space Technologies and ensure opening utilized by a wider audience,

* To earn a respectable place broadcasting in the field of scientific and academic journals.


The main and sub-areas in which can be considered in the context of the aviation and space technologies can be specified as follows :

* Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

- Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
- Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
- Flight Control
- Aircraft - Aerospace Structures and Materials
- Construction and Manufacturing
- Space Systems
- Satellite Technology

* Electronic Engineering
- Signal and Image Processing
- Remote Sensing
- Wavelet
- Artificial Neural Networks
- Robotics
- Electromagnetic Modelling
- Microwave and Radar Schemes
- Antennas and Propagation

* Computer Engineering
- Modeling and Simulation
- Object Oriented Programming
- Database Systems
- Algorithms and Applications
- Distributed and Parallel Systems
- Computer Networks
- Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

* Industrial Engineering
- Operational Research
- Modeling and Simulation
- Engineering Management
- Production Planning and Control
- Supply Chain Management
- Project Management
- Defense Technology

The articles can be written not only in the above mentioned fields but also in all related engineering areas.